Restaurant located in a historic space, in the old warehouses of CP, the Portuguese Railways



Castas e Pratos, CP for short, results from the will of Edgar Gouveia and Manuel Osório, two entrepreneurs joined by family ties and motivated by the ambition to create an innovative and distinctive project, combined with the passion for the Douro. Thus was born Castas e Pratos, a restaurant located in a historic space, in the old warehouses of CP, the Portuguese Railways, in Régua, luxuriously renovated with all the necessary comfort to make you aware of the best of the region of the Douro.

The concept of Castas e Pratos is to be more than just a Restaurant, it is a Wine Bar, a Lounge, and a Wine Shop, "a five-in-one”, where the taste, the smell, the sight, the touch, and the hearing, and one or more other sense, work together to offer you a unique experience. A place where the difference leads, both in concept and decoration, designed to host events, the launch of wines, and wine tastings with winemakers. The passion for the true quality of the wines and spirit drinks provided by Castas & Pratos can be seen in the care to use the most advanced storage conditions in its unique wine cellar.

Several awards, international and national, prove the unique quality of this restaurant, among them the "Best of the Wine Tourism”, top award of the gastronomy with Port Wine, "The Best Wine List” or its nomination as one of the "100 Best National Restaurants” by the magazine "Sábado”. As well as in the press, "Castas e Pratos” deserved reference in publications like The New York Times, the Wine Passion, the Blue Travel, or the Wine – Essência do Vinho (Essence of Wine).

These are mere examples of the awards of this restaurant, which distinguishes itself for the constant search for new ideas, and new concepts, in a daily search to reach the level of excellence.

Location & Directions
The restaurant Castas e Pratos is located in the emblematic old warehouse of CP, Portuguese Railways, in Régua, the heart of the Douro Demarcated Region.
Av. José Vasques Osório, 5050-280, Peso da Régua - Porto and Douro.