Vindouro Restaurant assumes itself as a unique space in the Távora-Varosa Region.

The tradition of Minho and Portuguese cuisine is on the table. Whoever enters this House, enters their House, and that's why Solar dos Presuntos was founded, is what you read on the website and what you feel in the restaurant. Eating well and well belongs to the category of affections. And affections imply that we are courteous, affable, and warm.

That's why anyone who enters this House enters your House. For more than a quarter of a century, they have been careful to present (with a quality recognized by the best national and foreign experts) a series of dishes that are authentic specialties of one of the oldest Portuguese cuisines.

Gracinha, the Garden
At Gracinha, its celebrated the union of gastronomy and culture. A project inspired by the history and passion of Graça and Evaristo, founders of the iconic Solar dos Presuntos. Here, you'll find a charming garden, a relaxed atmosphere and a daily musical program. Enjoy exclusive dishes, from handmade bagels to fresh oysters, prepared by renowned chef Hugo Araújo, accompanied by a diverse wine selection and a sophisticated cocktail bar, while immersing yourself in the cultural atmosphere that permeates Gracinha.

Location & Directions
Rua das Portas de Stº Antão, 150
1150-269 Lisboa