Situated near Bayou Alqueva, Herdade do Sobroso is ideal for lovers of wine tourism and Synergetic tourism.

Herdade do Sobroso is placed in the county of Vidigueira and it's delimited by the mountain of Mendro at north, the river Guadiana at east and south an immense plain as far as the eyes can see. To the lovers of wine tourism and synergetic tourism, Herdado do Sobroso offers a unit of Rural Tourism integrated in the middle of the property vines.

In its 1600 hectares, the Herdade build its bodega and the centre of wine tourism where it reconciles the production and the pleasure of wine with the surrounding beauty of the nature.

The landscapes of the Alqueva dam, next to the Herdade, are magnificent and the roman ruins of São Cucufate are a history lesson about the evolution of wine throughout the centuries.

In Detail
Herdade do Sobroso born of great desire and feeling, the desire to create a rural tourism that reflects a taste for architecture, for travel, and for receive, and the feeling that connects to the ground, Alentejo, the creation of wines of the Herdade.

The Herdade offers two country houses with African inspiration: The " Casa da Quinta", is the main house with five Rooms and common areas, each designed in a different style but always respecting the tradition of Alentejo, and the "Casa da Cegonha", independent of the main house with five small apartments with kitchenette. Herdade do Sobroso also has a cozy Hunt Club, prepared to receive the hunters, family and friends.

To better enjoy the 1600 hectares of the Herdade and Bayou of Pedrogão and Serra do Mendro, the Herdade also offers outdoor saltwater pool overlooking the hills and vineyards and helps organize Wine Tours, Courses introduction to Wine Tasting , Visits to the winery, photographic Safaris on Jeep with the possibility to observe , deer, wild boar, and several birds mouflons, Balloon Tours, Boat tour through Alqueva dam with the possibility of skiing and bicycle rides. Guests can join the hunting club to hunt partridges, hares, deer, boars and mouflons and buy Wine, Olive Oil, Honey and Rosemary Jam in the cellar of the Herdade.

Restaurants & Bars
The Herdade do Sobroso Restaurant presents traditional dishes from Alentejo cuisine, one of the tastiest and appreciated of the country, accompanied by the wine which is produced on it.

To experience the flavors of D. Josefa with Boar Roast with potatoes and green asparagus, Pork with Clams, Duck Rice in the oven with traditional sausages, stew mouflon, Dogfish soup with poached egg, Octopus Rice with coriander and their desserts, Orange pie, "toucinho-do-céu"(tartlet filled with egg yolksand sugar), Sericaia, and many others convent sweets can confirm how the art of eating well can be unique and unmistakable.

Location & Directions
Herdade do Sobroso Country, located in the parish Vidígueira in Alentejo.
GPS: N 38º 10' 47.84, W 7º 35' 29.66