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Quinta de São Luiz - Private Wine Tastings Online

E.N. 222, Adorigo, 5120-012, Tabuaço - Porto and Douro

€ 70,00
per experience
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Wine specialists will guide you in this complete sensorial experience trough the wine region, the winery's history, the winemaking process and all the wine tasting techniques and materials to fully indulge in their wines.

The virtual visit to Quinta de São Luiz starts at the entrance to the visit center, where you can see the name of the Quinta and where will be explained a little of its history, as well as the history of Kopke - brand with which it is closely associated. The visit continues on the ramp where you can see the fruit trees and where other products produced at the Quinta are discussed besides the still wine and Port wine. Arriving at Casa do Alambique, you will understand the purpose of this tool and how it works. The visit will continue at the "Ginas”, very characteristic structures of the Douro landscape. A stop will be made next to the vineyard so that you can admire the way of planting, as well as its advantages, and get to know the different grape varieties used for the production of these excellent wines.

There will be a stop at the door of the Chapel of Santa Quitéria so that the you can understand the importance of a Chapel in the heart of a Quinta. The host will take you to discover the stainless steel vats and wooden casks, as well as the Adega-Boutique and explain the process of producing still wines and the difference between still wines and Port wines.

At the end, there will be space for a wine tasting conducted by the host and during the visit there will always be room for clarifying any questions.

We are certain that it will be a unique and unforgettable experience and we would like you to enjoy it with us. Come and visit Quinta de São Luiz!


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