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Michelin Starred Chef Rui Paula - Online Cooking Workshop

Avenida da Liberdade nº 1681, 4450-718, Leça da Palmeira - Porto y Douro

€ 300,00
por experiencia

Chef Rui Paula is currently decorated with 2 Michelin Stars. Considered to be an indispensable reference for modern cuisine, this Portuguese Chef, owner of 3 restaurants in Porto and Douro Valley, is well known by his simplicity and sense of humor that shaped his personality. His Portuguese Northeastern roots fostered his taste for cooking, and the women within the family – his mother and grandmother – inspired the bases that would transform him into the professional he is today: passionate, original and surprising.

Memory of generations, of aromas and flavors which are recreated in every new combination, to achieve palate emotions that result in a ‘ethnic-emotional’ cuisine, with no geographical limits on creation and influences. In the consolidated knowledge and constant search for creativity and innovation, Rui Paula is rigorous when choosing products – always fresh and quality – handling them so that his creations meet the most modern and avant-garde trends, combined with creative and original techniques, without ever losing the genuine taste. His curiosity is endless, resulting in unique fusion combinations, made from crossing products from around the world.

Through the online cooking workshop you will be able to experience the Chef’s Rui Paula cuisine and prepare your dish for lunch or dinner.

In the company of the Chef Rui Paula, you will learn how to prepare a dish full of flavors, textures, aromas and colors.Get cooking tips, and ask all the questions you want in English or Portuguese - it's just you and the chef! Your chef will cook alongside you, watch and coach you as you complete your meal together.


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Idiomas hablados Inglés; Português
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