Frequently Asked Questions - Booking Restaurant

Can I search for restaurants by wine region or by price?

Yes, you can do your search in several ways:

1. click on the "Bookings" tab on the home page, then "Select the region" and "Select the restaurant";

2. click on "Restaurants" tab on the home page and then select the map of Portugal either on the left side or on the top of the page to narrow your search by selecting the desired region.

In both cases, a list of all the hotels in that region will be shown on the screen and you can then use the filter "Price" to sort hotels by price "Ascendant" or "Descendant".

Do I have to confirm my reservation on the restaurant?

No, when booking with us, you book the restaurant directly. Our partners are directly connected with us through an online system.

However, the booking of services in the portal it is not immediate (we will inform you the deadline of the confirmation during the booking process).

You can check all the information concerning your booking on your reserved area "Manage my Bookings". This reserved area can be accessed by the link located on top of the portal page or by the link provided in the email with the details of your booking. 

In case the non-confirmation is due to non-availability of dates, we will make every possible effort to provide you a comparable alternative, but the acceptance of this alternative will depend on you only.

How can I make a special request to the Restaurant?

During the booking process, in step "2 Booking Details", you can enter a request in the "Special Request" tab. As soon as you receive the confirmation of your booking you can get into direct contact with our partner to confirm if your request is possible.

Can I book for groups?

Yes, when booking select how many experiences you want. You should read and check carefully all the terms and both general and specific conditions of each service at the time of booking.

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