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Quinta das Carvalhas is one of the most emblematic and spectacular properties in the Douro Valley. Visit this wonderful Quinta side by side with its own Viticultural Manager: Alvaro Martinho, a passionate man who has dedicated most of his life to its vines and environment.

The experience includes:

10h15 - Arrival at Quinta das Carvalhas
10h30 - Visit to the Quinta + Hand-Picking Experience
12h45 - Lunch at Casa Redonda (Round-House)
14h30 - Departure from Quinta das Carvalhas to the Winery at Quinta do Casal da Granja
15h15 - Visit to the Winery + Sorting table experience
16h30 - Lagarada (Foot-treading of the grapes)
18h00 - Departure from Winery at Quinta do Casal da Granja to Quinta das Carvalhas
18h30 - Tasting at Quinta das Carvalhas’Wine Shop
19h30 -  End of Program
Hand-Picking Grapes
At all our estates we focus on practising a sustainable viticulture, where we value the traditional methods of hand-work, hence respecting the essence of Nature. For all vines, old or young, handpicking is essential, and rarely carried out by men! The sensibility and precision of the female hand made it adequate for the process.

For an authentic harvest lunch, we will serve a traditional "feijoada transmontana" (bean stew) partnered with a trio of Real Companhia Velha wines: White, Red & Port. Lunch is served at the emblematic Casa Redonda (Round House) located at the very top of Quinta das Carvalhas, offering a 360o view of the region.

Options for Whites: Evel 21 2013 | Quinta de Cidrô Alvarinho 2013 | Quinta de Cidrô Semillon 2013
Options for Reds: Evel Reserva 2011 | Quinta dos Aciprestes Reserva 2013 | Quinta de Cidrô Touriga Nacional 2012
Options for Ports: Quinta das Carvalhas Reserva Tawny | Quinta das Carvalhas Reserva Ruby

Visit to the Winery + Sorting Table
Every process of our work requires a rigorous control in order to obtain the highest levels of quality. One of the most important fases is the grape selection upon their arrival at the winery. This activity involves the removal of undesired bunches of grapes, which may arrive rotten or dry. It is a moment of great concentration, yet a lot of fun!

Lagarada / Foot-Treading
At the Douro Valley, traditional stone lagars have been present for centuries, and are essential for the production of top Red wines and Ports. Using these lagares we are able to carry out a softer extraction by foot-treading the grapes whilst looking to produce great quality with little quantity. We shall cheer and sing in the lagar!

Wine Tasting / Wine-Shop
To conclude this experience, nothing like a good old-fashioned tasting, in order to show how all our passion, dedication and sacrifice looks in a bottle. We finish at Quinta das Carvalhas’wine shop for a commented tasting of Real Companhia Velha’s Wines.

Necessary equipment: Water, hat, sun protection cream, Conforteable walking shoes, Shorts for the foot-treading.

Note: All visits will be acompanied by a member of the Real Companhia Velha team. Real Companhia Velha is responsible for providing harvest equipment and transportation between Quintas (Estates).


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Quinta das Carvalhas - Harvest Experience